Cowry Kitchen Cabinet Frequently Asked Questions

What’s the best way to begin a kitchen or bathroom project?

It’s best to think about how the kitchen or bathroom could best serve you and your family’s needs before you begin. Because materials, appliances and fixtures change frequently it does require some industry knowledge in order to see what options are available for your project and more importantly to keep costs down. We can help you through the initial planning stages right through to project completion. We recommend scheduling an appointment with our experienced staff so that we can give you individualized attention and help direct you towards a successful kitchen or bathroom upgrade.


I’m not sure how to plan for such an extensive project – how can you help?

We have knowledgeable kitchen and bath designers on staff that can help you with your planning and insure that your new cabinets can accommodate the space allotted, your storage needs and even the location of appliances. We can assist in helping you find everything you need including; cabinetry, countertops, appliances, lighting and fixtures. We can also help you stay on budget, with prices, before you begin.


Are there safety regulations I’ll need to be aware of?

There are many factors to consider when building in your home and building regulations need to be addressed. Your appliances and cabinets will need to have the proper clearances and kitchens should be designed with safety and functionality in mind. We can assure that your kitchen is well planned and designed to fit your vision and expectations.


What does your design service cost?

There is no charge for our design service at Cowry Cabinets. Our design service includes estimates and design ideas. We can help you design a preliminary layout for your kitchen and bathroom, based on your selections ensuring everything will work within the area of your kitchen or bathroom. We do assess a very reasonable fee for detailed drawings and layouts before cabinets are ordered; however, this fee is later deducted from the final costs after the cabinets have been purchased. The design fee is non-refundable and the layouts, floor plans and other detailed documents remain the property of Cowry Cabinets if the project is not completed.


How do you measure a room for new cabinets?

We provide detailed instructions and even a measuring chart on the Design Page on this website (here).


How expensive is it to do a bathroom or kitchen cabinet project?

There are too many factors that can affect the cost of replacing cabinets. Most importantly the material is usually what can increase your cost – the price is really dependant on what type of cabinets you select. The prices can differ depending on the species of wood, door styles, drawer construction, number of cabinets and the sizes available, moulding details and storage needs required. Our designers can help you stay on budget and recommend alternatives to help keep project costs down. It should be noted that the kitchen and bathrooms are considered to be very important for home equity and resale – your money spent on cabinets, countertops and other materials for renovations will help to increase the value of your home.


Can you provide installers for cabinets and granite countertops?

We have years experience dealing with professional contractors, plumbers and related tradesmen and can we can help you coordinate all aspects of installation for everything you need to get the project completed. Our cabinets come Ready-To-Assemble along with assembly and installation instructions if you choose to do the job yourself. Of course you can also arrange for your own contractor if you wish.


How long does it take to receive cabinets upon being ordered?

Once cabinets have been ordered it takes one week before they are delivered, in some cases sooner. We also provide our customers with a customer hotline number (1-877-353-7111) for tracking orders.