Design and Renovation

When you’re looking for a high-end interior design Saskatoon area company that can provide a gorgeous finish at an affordable price, look no farther. Bridge City interior designers provide you with a full-service timeless creation for residential and commercial buildings. For warmth and class, count on us to give you the design you want from a different era, culture, or style that is distinctive for who you are.

Initial Consultation

We first begin by having a phone conversation with you to discuss your plans and our general requirements for your project. As interior designers Saskatoon we will set up an initial consultation for us to fully evaluate your project area and to obtain the necessary information needed by our team. This preliminary consultation includes:

  • Our complimentary on-site property analysis for in-home, and/or business space consultation, evaluate your requirements, scope of work, and budget considerations.
  • Space analysis lets us understand the possibilities, ideas, goals, and purpose of the space to provide you with suggestions.
  • Our visual dialogue lets us review your pictures, shape our relationship, and together, understand the aesthetics wanted with our interior decorators.
  • Together we will define the functionality, budget, scope, and project schedule timeline.

Design Concept Creation

This is the fun time! The designer for your project along with our unnoticed perceptive gurus will start to put all the pieces together for your project. Your design will be unified and perfect with our interior design specialists. This process includes:

  • Collecting your ideas for finish selections, colors, fabrics, furniture, lighting, and
    accessories for your home décor.
  • 3D computer renderings or technical drawings if needed. This implements your
    design ideas and our objectives to you for our installers for plumbing, electrical,
    upholsterers, wallpaper removers/installers, window treatment experts, tile installers,
    cabinet makers, wood or carpet installers, and more
  • You will have any technical drawings for floor plans, elevations, furniture, tile,
    cabinets, built-ins, plumbing, electrical, and whatever is needed for completing your
  • Together we will evaluate your design plans for the best project solution.
  • We subsequently refine schemes and finalize your design plan.
  • We perfect the design scheme and plan. We will provide line item prices and
    proposals when you have finalized the items for your project.
  • We manage construction, project coordination, and final installation.

Project Organization

We keep all our experts assigned to your project organized in our design contractor system software. All material used, fixtures, finishes, furniture, appliances, and more are listed in detail keeping track of what’s needed and the detail for your successful project.

Project Management & Coordination

Every step of the process is managed by our team to include:

  • Placing orders and tracking them for all goods and services
  • Staying connected with vendors and subcontractors for staying on track and on target.
  • Organizing and synchronizing deliveries and installations for the proper time on your project.

Our behind-the-scenes gurus have your interests at heart from start to finish of your interior design project phases.

Project Completion

Bridge City doesn’t stop at the project management phase. One more stage is the finalization of the project to be sure you are 100 percent satisfied and pleased with each detail such as the finishing touches, art, pillows, and other accessories. If you agree, we would love to take pictures of your project.