Types of Kitchen and Bathroom Cabinets

Cowry Kitchen Cabinets has style for every taste when it comes to designing your perfect kitchen. Our Traditional, Modern, and Eclectic design choices will provide you with total satisfaction.

The cabinets below are just some of the styles available on display in our showroom.

Traditional Kitchen Cabinet Styles

A cream white finish to the cabinets coupled with an antique looking paint, provides the perfect traditional style kitchen. As with most traditional kitchens, large stone pieces and hardware provide vivid focal points within the kitchen.

Another example of a traditional kitchen style again features a light finish, although in this case the pure color of the wood is more present, drawing attention away from the stone backsplash and traditional patterns of decoration.

Traditional Kitchen Cabinet Styles

Dark finishes are typical of many, though not all, Modern Kitchen Cabinets. Sharp edges that draw attention are perfectly matched with sparkles of chrome and stainless steel, placed strategically throughout the kitchen. Dark and light variations can be seen here, painting a vivid picture that reflects the modern styles of today.

Simplistic and modern, the lightly toned kitchen features bright white colors and accents that help promote the brightness of the White Kitchen Cabinets Calgary.

Color variations and accents are used in this kitchen to promote a versatile and modern look. Expresso Cabinets and off-white countertops provide a clash that draws positive attention, along with the polished stainless-steel appliances.

Eclectic Kitchen Cabinet Styles

In this Eclectic Kitchen Cabinets design, Honey Maple Cabinets are set against a backsplash of brick tiles and extremely dark countertops. Contrasting colors and sharp lines with unique shapes provide a modern feel to this kitchen. The large stone areas and vintage decorative designs supplement the modern appearance with a traditional approach. The result is perfectly accented focal points all around the kitchen. Islands can be seen as both modern and traditional; but in this case, the design shape with simplistic coloration provides the best of both worlds.

Traditional styling is highly noticeable on a large hood with a decorative façade. The rest of the kitchen borrows from the modern view of styles, creating supplemental color patterns with the white cabinets and granite countertop with hints of white. A darker floor creates a vivid contrast between light and dark, creating the modern feeling in this kitchen.

Both modern and traditional elements can be seen prominently in our Cognac style eclectic kitchen.