Design Measurements

Cowry Cabinets offers free design service for your project. There is a small fee for detailed drawings and layouts before cabinets are ordered; however, this fee is later deducted from the final costs after the cabinets have been purchased. Before any project can begin the preliminary planning and measuring must first be completed. Once the measurements are completed our Kitchen and Bath Designers can then help you move on to the next phase of designing your kitchen to meet your needs and within your budget.


How to Measure Your Kitchen for new Cabinets

• Using a tape measure and our handy measuring guide (which you can print) measure the rooms dimensions.
• Measure the ceiling height from floor to ceiling. Start with the first wall on the left and work around the room to your right (corner to corner).
• Indicate window and door location and sizes. Specify all breaks in walls by measuring from the corner to the outside edge of the moulding. Indicate all appliance locations and width, height, and depth.
• For plumbing, ducts and all wall outlets measure to the centerline of each.
• Finally, double check all dimensions.

Measuring Sheet Example