Flood and Water Damage Restoration

Our Saskatoon restoration company is the premier water and flood damage specialists with experience and savoir-faire for restoring your home or commercial business to a pristine appearance removing ater damage and protecting you from dangerous and toxic mold growth.
We will respond to your call within 60-minutes. Our restoration company in Saskatoon is licensed, certified, and bonded, and we use the latest equipment and technology for all water damage restoration services.

Why You Need Bridgecity Cabinetry

Water will damage and destroy your property quickly. Mold spores will develop and grow into ugly colors in clean water having huge mold spots in 24-hours. Contaminated water, such as sewage, will happen much sooner. Black mold is hazardous and the color is black, grayish black, or greenish. Mold has a distinct odor smelling like musty mildew.
The sooner your home or business property is dried, cleaned, and restored after flooding or water damage, the lower the risk will be for lethal mold growth.
Water removal can be dangerous, discouraging, and a filthy job to do without our specialized equipment and skilled personnel for sewage cleanup, water damage, and restoration in Saskatoon.

Reputation Matters

With Bridgecity , water cleanup provides flood damage in Saskatoon offering many services for estoration. Our reputation is built upon our expertise, timeliness, with a quality finished repair. Bridgecity  has trained personnel in all of the disciplines necessary for remediation. We provide free estimates, full service, with compressive training for mold remediation and flood damage repair.

Better Now than Later

Storm damage restoration can be very expensive. However, water restoration services cannot be enied, yet this is a crucial time to focus on water damage repair and not the price. Our company will do quality work initially to save you from expensive emergency water removal costs later on.
Water damage restoration mandates speedy attention. In wet, damp, and high-humidity environments, mold will start growing in less than 24-hours. Bridgecity Cabinetry will respond to your needs 24/7.

Full-Service Company

Content cleaning is an absolute necessity for flood damage restoration. When your possessions and roperty have been soaked, most can be saved and recouped using Bridgecity  pecialists for your retoration services. We are a professional and reputable water damage restoration company in Saskatoon.

Water Damage Restoration Process

The process for water damage restoration can be complex. Considerations are met for humidity, Standing water, sewer contaminants, mold growth, and demolition for the mitigation of flood and water damage in Saskatoon. We will provide the following for

  • Inspection of the water damage, detail-specific;
  • Utilize high-tech infrared (IR) cameras and moisture meters for establishing
  • extent of damage;
  • Placement of units for water extraction, drying, and dehumidification;
  • Water damage decontamination, antimicrobials, and sanitizers.

Detailed estimates are prepared for the water damage reconstruction and restoration in Saskatoon.

Customers Come First

Our mission is about helping people recover from floods with our process for residential flood restoration, commercial restoration in Saskatoon and residential restoration in Saskatoon. Storm damage repairs in Saskatoon will have you clean and dry in no time. Call us today for your free consultation and inspection to know the cost estimate for your water damage repair in Saskatoon. This will eliminate the confusion confronting you now. Your satisfaction is guaranteed.

Please call Rose at 306-717-9767 (Saskatoon) or Rodney at 306-227-6206 (Saskatoon) or Jadah Walker 306-620-2679 (Yorkton).